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Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

How to improve LSM communication?

We’re teaming-up with Mislav Podnar, a CEMS’ student whose thesis is about helping the LSM to improve its communication. Please take the survey in order to give us your feedback.
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"Navigating Innovation" by Prof. Benoît Gailly got a...

The book "Navigating Innovation" by Prof. Benoît Gailly got a very positive review from the leading innovation management scholar J. Bessant, published in International Journal of Innovation Management (2020). Read more
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How to attract and keep future young graduates loyal?

"Generation Z are young people born after 1995. They are said to be hyper-connected, ultra-instantaneous and so on. The students of the Master's in Management at UCLouvain Fucam Mons were invited to identify leads, action plans and recommendations to help companies attract and keep these...
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LSM Conseil can help you become a B Corp

Being a B Corp means much more than just being a company that cares about its social and environmental impact. Being a B Corp also means going the extra mile: going further and working actively for the good of society through its employees, its impact on the community and on the environment. To...
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A project to support restaurants and local producers set...

"Aide aux restaurateurs #Covid19" is a project set up by students from our Interdisciplinary Programme in Entrepreneurship (CPME). It connects restaurants and individuals in order to avoid food waste and enable home delivery. After the success of this project, they've...
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