EDEEM is a doctoral program in economics that gathers 7 leading European institutions originally coordinated by University of Paris 1, France. As a research-oriented program, it aims to produce top-quality researchers, who will gain international experience working within the research units with some of Europe's leading researchers in economics. Students are trained for positions in academia at the international level as well as for responsible positions in government, research organizations, and business enterprises. A strong focus is put on research work, publication and presentation, with dedicated Jamborees and Summer Schools being an integral part of the training.

The EDEEM Program welcomes around 25 students each year. Admission is based on excellence in previous Master Degree studies or equivalent.  This degree does not necessarily have to be in economics, although interest in economics is certainly desirable and a strong background in mathematics will be helpful together with fluent written and spoken English. The program is organized in three years.

All PhD students are jointly supervised by two advisers through a co-tutelle agreement between two universities of the consortium. The student must spend at least two semesters in each of the two degree-granting universities. A single defense in one of the two universities is organized. After having successfully completed the program, the student is awarded a double degree from the two hosting institutions. The consortium is fully committed to the placement of students at the end of the program.

Additional information can be found on the EDEEM website.


EDEEM is a network gathering 7 European Universities as Partners, and 18 Associated Partners, coordinated by Universität Bielefeld, Germany.
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Prof. Fred. Docquier