Master Thesis

We welcome every student who wants to pursue an exciting and challenging master thesis project. Our main field of supervision are empirical research projects which can be pursued in the following ways:

  1. In collaboration with firms
  2. As individual research project

We are offering to you several potential master thesis topics, however we are also open for considering your ideas and providing access to firms interested in working with you.

Our aim for a master thesis is that you pursue an interesting work that – like every project at the chair – is insightful for practitioners and research alike. This enables to work on a topic that is demanding and provides you with a great opportunity to position yourself for the job market. In case your master thesis is a success we will provide you with direct access to the job market or will help you publishing your work, especially in case you consider pursuing an academic career.

A main focus on in terms of topics is on Procurement 4.0 as well as on Procurement Ethics.

Master thesis in collaboration with firms

Master theses pursued jointly with firms have several advantages: You work on a topic with high interest in practice and you will get access additional insights on another firm which might also be your future employer. The interest of firms to have Master students pursuing a topic in Sourcing and procurement is high so we can help you finding a firm in case you do not have access already. We have plenty of contacts to international firms, but particularly encourage a Master thesis at Kronos Group as they are among the best practice firms in Sourcing and procurement and very supportive to students.

Individual research project as Master thesis

A Master thesis should be in every case an individual research project. But what we mean with individual project is that you choose your most favourite research topic, research question and methodology to pursue an own research project. As we know that pursuing an own research project requires substantial guidance we provide you with help in adjusting research questions, methodology etc. We have some research topics you can choose from, but as it is an individual project we welcome all of your thoughts and ideas. The typical methodologies we use in these master theses are:

  • Case Studies (single or multiple)
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Surveys
  • Experiments
  • Secondary Data Analysis
  • Combination of these methods