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How many courses?

According to the ECTS system, a normal workload of one academic year is 60 ECTS and of one semestre is 30 ECTS.
Although it is up to the home university to determine the exact number of credits you are required to earn, the Economics School of Louvain expects you to have a workload comparable to the one you would be required to take on at your home institution.

Which course in which program(s)?

  • Depending on your major subject area, your should normally choose courses in the Master degree programs in Economics (LECON). Bachelor students may take courses in the Bachelor degree program in Economics and Management (LECGE). Please note that there are only a limited number of courses given in English at the Bachelor level (1 or 2 /semester). We allow 3rd year bachelor exchange students to take courses offered in our 1st year Master program in Economics provided they have the necessary pre-requisites. Should your home university not allow you to take Master level courses, then you should have the necessary French language skills to follow classes in French.
  • You have to take whole your courses or the majority of them in Economics (course codes LECON and/or LECGE). Depending on the specific requirements of the home institution, and upon explicit authorisation of the UCL International Affairs program coordinators, you might be allowed to follow a limited number of courses in other degree programs inside or outside the ESPO faculty (maximum 50% of your program). We draw your attention on the fact that - at UCL - Economics and Management belong to different faculties on Master level. Management courses on Master level are considered "other degree courses" (see above).



Please read the principles very carefully before setting up your learning agreement.

Master in Economics, Professional focus (click on each course to obtain course description and schedule)

Master in Economics, Research focus (click on each course to obtain course description and schedule)

Recap of the course schedule for the Master courses in Economics

Bachelor courses of the Faculty of Economics, Social, Political Sciences and Communication (see course codes LECGE for bachelor courses in Economics and Management)

Courses taught in English at ESL and in the ESPO Faculty


Registration to examinations is done via your 'virtual office' accessible on the UCL home page.

The student has to sit exams for those subjects for which he or she has not yet obtained a satisfactory result or for which he or she has not yet taken the exam.
Each exam however can only be presented twice during the year (in January and September OR in June and September).
Students are strongly advised to attend courses from the very beginning of term, in order to increase their chances of passing their exams at UCL.


At the end of your stay a transcript of records will be sent to the departmental coordinator of your home institution. This document is exclusively for academic recognition of courses taken at UCL by the home university.