Accommodation & Visa


Most of the housing managed by the University and private owners are shared apartments. Students have an individual room but share common areas such as the kitchen, living room and the sanitary installations (shower and toilets). Usually, each bedroom is equipped with a sink, bed, mattress, chair, table, cupboard and shelf space. The tenants must buy their bedding and cutlery themselves. Most shared apartments have between four and ten tenants.

Studios generally have one living room, including a kitchen area and a shower. Apartments have up to four rooms.

If you wonder what the cost of living in Belgium is, please consult the UCLouvain page detailing a one-year living costs at UCLouvain.

Help upon arrival? : 

ESN LLN can help you when you arrive in Belgium if you ask for it. If needed, they will accompany you until you find a place to stay. They will not search for you, but they will advise you on how to find a place. They are on Facebook and have a website (; but you can also send them an email at

BDE (LSM student council): Our student council may be a great help too! You may reach them by e-mail: but is on Facebook & Instagram as well.