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Courses available for exchange students

The academic year at LSM is composed of two terms, and each is divided in two parts (Part 1 & Part 2). Exchange students may come for one term or for the full academic year. Students are required to be present at LSM for the whole time of their study and examination period. Students must attend courses from the very beginning of the term, in order to increase their chances of success at their exam session.

LSM is a business school delivering graduate-level courses (Master's level, year 4 and 5) in Management and Business Engineering. Choosing your courses and other learning activities must be done in close consultation with your home coordinator and s/he has to sign your learning agreement. It is the student's responsibility to check the prerequisite of each course s/he intends to follow at LSM (available in the individual course descriptions). The language of instruction is English, and we highly recommend a B2 level in English.

You can find the LSM list of courses available to exchange students for the Fall Semester 2023-24. The course list for the Spring semester 23-24 is not available yet but you may consult the Course list for the Spring semester 22-23.



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