Louvain Finance Day 2022

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

May 05, 2022

16:15 - 18:30



Place Montesquieu 1

Louvain Finance Day – May 5th, 2022



16:15 Introduction : Louvain Finance Research Center & PhD in Finance

Prof. Frédéric Vrins - Président of LFIN

16:30 – How can banks benefit from fintech collaborations?

Pieter-Jan Boiten – Head of ING Labs, ING - Belgium

Introduction from Philippe Wallez – Head of ESG, Public Affairs and senior client advisor, ING – Belgium

Many key developments (macroeconomic, regulatory, technological, customer behaviour) are affecting the financial industry. Simultaneously, Big techs are entering banking services with disruptive models and real strength. Disrupt or be disrupted. Innovation can contribute to the future success of banks. Fintech partnerships can give banks the ability to provide and deploy at speed cutting-edge solutions.


Pieter-Jan Boiten (1989, Belgium) started in 2016 his career at ING Belgium as a management trainee with a first role in the transformation office. Pieter-Jan has been instrumental to the innovation activities within ING since 2018. Over the years, he has evolved from a project navigator to a key driver of strategic projects, including the ING Labs program. Since 2022 he has been appointed as head of ING Labs Brussels. Where he focuses on driving H1 and H2 innovation collaboration with fintech’s forward that propel the strategy of ING.

17:00 – Cryptos: A regulators’ perspective

Renée Spierings – FMSA - Belgium

Mrs. Spierings’ talk will cover the stance of (some western) regulators with respect to BTC, ICOs, digital tokens and NFTs. She will explain why (some) regulators have issues with them by discussing what they are, what they do and highlight which rules apply. She will also touch upon the topics of legal qualification, governance, fraud and ecological footprint.

Mrs. Renée Spierings is Senior Advisor at the Financial Services Market Authority (FSMA). Renée specializes in fintech, financial innovation, structured retail investment products, behavioral finance and consumer protection. Renée has also worked for the private industry and occupied senior executive functions at BNP Paribas and Dexia Bank Belgium in the capital markets department. Adding to her experience as a market practitioner and regulator, she was researcher and lector on Financial Intermediaries & Regulation at the University of Amsterdam. Last but not least, Renée is also a certified Hatha Yoga teacher.


17:30 – Centrally banked digital currencies

Henry Holden – Bank for International Settlements (BIS) – Switzerland

Many central banks are working on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). But what are they doing, why are they doing it and what is a CBDC anyway?

Henry Holden joined the BIS from the Bank of England five years ago. He is currently an Adviser at the BIS Innovation Hub.

18:00 Round table - Q&A

Job market - Challenges and opportunities in Finance


18:30 - 20:00 Closing & farewell drink


Practical information


The event will take place from 4:15 PM to 6:30 PM in the Auditorium Montesquieu 10, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and will be followed by a drink.

The event will be broadcasted to Auditorium 4 of the UCLouvain Fucam Mons campus, Mons (Belgium) and to the Rwanda Branch of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Rwanda.