Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons


Research Axes

Our members come from disciplines as varied as human resources management, marketing, company law, social law, economic and social ethics, philosophy or sociology of organisations and contribute to major developments and reflections concerning the relationships between business and society.

The research projects are oriented toward:

  1. the development of the theoretical background behind CSR by using a multi-disciplinary approach  (stakeholder management, modes of governance, nature and importance of new values in business…);
  2. the study of the corporate culture and the different tools (reports, labels, norms, certifications…) used by companies to demonstrate the importance they attach to CSR, and the analysis of the applicability of those tools in different countries;
  3. the empirical analysis of the CSR integration in corporate strategy (best practices, communication strategy…).

A growing number of PhD. students are willing to develop frameworks and analyses linked to CSR and the publications of the Louvain CSR Network members covered a broad range of topics illustrating their contribution to the community.