Organisation and Content

During this Advanced Master's, you will develop the necessary skills required to grasp the complexity of the EU economic policies, European business strategies and the varied challenges companies and NGOs face in the moving environment of the EU. 

This one-year programme starts in mid-September and is divided in two semesters. The first semester starts in September and ends with the January examinations. The second semester starts in February and ends with the June examinations.

The Master's 60 will be composed of:

  • professional focus courses
  • a special training week to address a major current European issue
  • a master's thesis with a seminar to provide methodological inputs and feedback as well as presentation skills

All courses are taught in English at the Louvain School of Management, UCLouvain in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. 

Please note that, depending on your academic background, teaching units (= prerequisite courses) could be added to your master program.

The programme is organised as explained in the table here below:

Programme Professors Sem. 1 Sem. 2 ECTS Credits
COMPULSORY COURSES (5 courses = 40 ECTS)      
Thesis and Seminar on European Current Affairs   x x 15
Institutional Law of the European Union P. Nihoul & F. VanderMensbrugghe x   5
Internal Market Law A.-L Sibony x   5
Economic and Monetary Union of the EU C. Fontan   x 5
The EU in the Global Economy   x   10
SPECIALISED COURSES (4 courses to choose from the list below = 20 ECTS)      
European Competition Law P. Nihoul x   5
European and International Tax Law E. Traversa   x 5
Financial Markets Regulation Ph. Lambrecht   x 5
European Corporate Governance K. Cerrada & Ph. Lambrecht x   5
Corporate Strategy in Europe G. Bascle   x 5
European Public Affairs J.-C. Defraigne   x 5
European Business E. Cornuel   x 5
Digital Europe A. de Streel, C. Lazaro & A. Strowel   x 5
Industrial Relations in Europe E. Léonard   x 5
EU Regional Policy P. Montfort   x 5
International Trade G. Vannoorenberghe   x 5
The EU Trade Law and Policy R. Zarnauskaite & G. D. Balan   x 5
Relations between EU and Africa, Asia, L-A J.-C Defraigne x   5