The framework : A compass

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

A compass for each principal player

A compass as a multipurpose tool for each principal player


This competency framework sets common core competencies expected from all graduates of the Masters’ in Management (120 credits) and in Business Engineering (120 credits), beyond the specific disciplines of these two programmes and the tracks selected by the students. 

It defines the exit profile of our graduates. It outlines the target to be reached by the LSM graduates at the end of their degree course, by indicating the professors where to focus their teaching efforts and the students where to concentrate their learning commitment.

In this sense the competency framework is: 

  • A compass for the student
    The competency framework is a point of reference for each student to develop, build and identify their own learning priorities given their resources, personal aspirations and career plans. 
  • A compass for the professor
    The competency framework is a point of reference for each professor or assistant, in the design of their courses and in their position relative to LSM’s graduate profile. 
  • A compass to guide the quality of programmes
    The competency framework is a point of reference to define the quality targets and guide the continuous renewal of the curriculum and teaching practice, encouraging a synergistic and collegial working approach.