Sign employment contract (researchers and lecturers)

Congratulations on your appointment !


Before signing your contract

Please read the following rules and regulations before signing your contract:

Faculty regulations

Research staff regulations

Administrative and technical staff regulations


Documents to submit at contract signing:

  • INDISPENSABLE: an identity photo for your staff card and the UCLouvain directory
    • colour on white background, on paper (no colour photocopies)
    • passport photo format (45 x 35 mm, face front and centre)
    • recent and undamaged (no staples)
      The photo can be sent later but it will be essential to producing your staff card!
  • Degree original and copy
  • Copy of identity card or passport
  • Certificates of previous employment
  • Preceding employer holiday allowance certificate, for calculating holiday pay, double holiday pay and number of holidays to which employee is entitled
  • National Registry Number (on back of identity card)
  • Bank account number: for end-of-month direct deposit salary payments


After contract signing

Create your global account to access the UCLouvain intranet.

When you have your username and password, login to the intranet (My UCL) and consult ‘I’m joining UCLouvain’, where you will find information concerning this new chapter in your career.