University-entreprise partnerships

As part of its mission to serve society, and thanks to its multi-site foothold, our institution whole-heartedly participates in the development of the entire French Community of Belgium (Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles). But as research and collaboration know no boundaries, UCLouvain seeks to contribute to the well-being of the general population by engaging not only in many local but also national and international partnerships.

Become a partner in innovation with UCLouvain

Companies, non-profits, associations, non-commercial organisations, citizen movements, administrative bodies, public entities, social workers—UCLouvain maintains close ties with many actors in society through research partnerships that lead to social, economic and/or technological innovation.

Collaboration with university research teams can take several forms:

  • research contracts and sponsorship agreements;
  • analyses;
  • use of university equipment and infrastructure;
  • expert assessments;
  • advice and consultancy;
  • researcher secondments;
  • lifelong learning;
  • licence grants.

How to start and fund a project

To identify possibilities for collaboration, companies and social actors are encouraged to consult various research entities: institutes, research centres, technology platforms and Louvain4. They can also propose partnerships by contacting our researchers directly.

Many regional, European and donor funding sources support collaborative projects between a company or partner and one or several UCLouvain research groups. As a socio-economic actor and research project stakeholder, a company, non-profit or organisation can also directly finance such groups.

By partnering with our university, companies and socio-economic actors can also, via the Louvain Technology Transfer Office (LTTO), access expertise developed by UCLouvain researchers and technology offers derived from research conducted at UCLouvain.

Contact our experts

Need advice or information on starting a research project? The Research Department’s mission is to promote and facilitate scientific and technological collaboration between UCLouvain and its business and civil society partners.