Enrol at the University

Bachelor's, master's and PhD's students

Students must enrol in two places, in the following order

1. Enrol at the university

You must confirm your admission by following the instructions indicated in the admission letter (called "autorisation d'inscription") you have received by email. The procedure varies depending your situation. If the admission letter instructs to register at the Enrolment Office, you must bring your signed and dated admission letter and all required documents: diplomas, transcripts, passport, etc. However, if the file is judged to already be complete, you may only be asked to send your dated and signed admission letter to validate your enrolment.

During validation of your admission, you will have the opportunity to sign up for sport and fitness activities and for the Culture Card and the Solidarity Card.

Upon enrolment you will receive in your virtual office:

  • a tuition fee invoice;
  • a provisional student card (which is confirmation of your enrolment);
  • a public transport certificate.

After paying the tuition fee invoice, or at least the deposit, you will receive by post your definitive UCLouvain student card, which grants you access to libraries, sport centres, and certain buildings and to obtain discounts in certain shops and cinemas.

You will also receive in your virtual office the following certificates:

  • a certificate that allows you to join a health insurance agency (a ‘mutuelle');
  • a certificate proving you are a student, for submission to the municipality (‘Administration communale’ or simply ‘commune’, located in the town hall) in which you reside;
  • a family allowance certificate, if relevant.

From the moment of your enrolment at UCLouvain, you are covered for physical accidents that may happen within the strict framework of your academic activities.

Please note the enrolment deadline is 30 September.

► More information at the Enrolment Office.

2. Enrol in your faculty

Go to the office of your faculty secretary to complete a faculty enrolment form, which must be submitted by the end of the second week of classes.

Please note ! Late enrolment – after 30 September – requires written faculty authorisation.

Exchange students

Exchange student registration is taken care of prior to their arrival in Belgium.

On arrival, contact your faculty or school for information on your study programme, welcome and orientation meetings. 

► More information.

PhD Students

For PhD students, as applications for admission can be submitted at any time during the year, there are no enrolment deadlines. 

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