Waste management

Recycling is important in Belgium. Rubbish is sorted at the source – in other words, in the household – into specific coloured sacks that must be purchased at local supermarkets, or into similarly coloured bins (depending on accommodation). Rubbish crews collect the sacks from the curb or trash bin outside residences on specific days – leaving rubbish out on the wrong day is subject to a fine.

The three basic categories of waste are:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic, metal, aluminium-lined cartons (e.g. milk) (often in blue sacks)
  • Non-recyclable waste (often in white sacks)

Recyclable glass is taken by residents to one of the many public bins for clear and coloured glass found throughout every commune. Throwing out recyclable glass in the white or any other sack can be subject to a fine.

Depending on the commune, additional sorting collection may be available:

  • Food waste/compost
  • Garden waste

Bebat offers collection points to recycle batteries.

For specifics about what exactly can and cannot be recycled, visit Fostplus, which also includes an interactive collection calendar. Alternatively for collection days, check with the commune, whose website will also offer more information on recycling electronics and batteries, collecting bulky items, and much else.