Giving meaning and momentum


Challenge established paradigms. An approach which destabilises, which requires personal stories, collective (re)imaginings giving meaning to the world in which everyone lives. All these needs mean that cultural change must precede ecological and social transition.

Because it challenges, raises awareness, conjoins, calls for action, resistance, resilience. Culture is a powerful, transversal engine in accordance with the values of UCLouvain. The University firmly believes that artists are stakeholders in its primary vocation: of being a melting pot of inventions, a place of creation, transformation, and transition.

Reaffirming culture as a University issue

Culture is not an addendum to the University’s mission, but central to it. Seen as a creative, multicultural, multidisciplinary, and multicampus process, it is a medium, a means of changing our perspective on reality. UCLouvain seeks to reorient culture through teaching and research.

Among the events that stimulate and nourish reflection on social issues in the light of culture, UCLouvain organises the Interior Day meetings. These give a voice to men and women capable of enlightening, opening horizons, and daring to imagine a sustainable future. Cultural actors who contribute to a deep investigation of the challenges of culture at the crossroads of society and science.

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Go Future

The International Water and Climate Documentary Film Festival (FIFEC) is now Go Future. The organisation has broadened its field of interest to the four elements that constitute life: water, earth, air, and fire. For four days, documentary films from around the world are screened at the Cinéscope in Louvain-la-Neuve. Open to all, these screenings are followed by meeting-debates, critical analyses, and exchanges based on academic expertise from professors, researchers, and students. The festival resolutely wants to be “solutions” oriented in order to raise awareness and (re)gain confidence.