Our commitment: to stand at the forefront


Nearly 6,000 people work at UCLouvain, including 1,900 professors and more than 2,000 researchers actively engaged in furthering knowledge. Each year the University also welcomes more than 31,000 students, the actors and decision-makers of tomorrow. It is therefore our role and our responsibility to act, in concert with the entire University community, to provide answers that are adapted to and serve society. To fulfil this ethical obligation, the University stakes a place at the forefront of research into ecological and social change capable of providing a sustainable society for the benefit of the greatest number at each of our campuses.

Starting in 2021, the University’s Sustainability Transition Plan will serve as a five-year roadmap, a holistic and ambitious vision translated into specific objectives and concrete actions to meet the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The plan establishes guidelines in three areas: teaching, research, and sustainable campuses. The last area is further divided into specific themes: energy, mobility, sustainable consumption and investment, food, biodiversity, territorial development, and culture.

At UCLouvain, we believe it is only together that we can make sense of climate change. Focused by its nature on the interests of future generations, the University has etched an ecological and social transition towards a sustainable society into its DNA. In accordance with its missions, the University seeks to commit its researchers’ capacity to make sense of a complex and plural reality. It aims to mould citizens sensitive to the challenges of sustainable development exemplify its values by transforming its campuses, and contribute to the ecosystems of which it forms a part.