Students in transition


KAP Transition platform

The KAP Transition platform brings together the Sustainable Development House (MDD), various local associations, and UCLouvain’s ten eco-responsible projects:

Each week, a delegate from each student housing unit in the platform comes to the MDD for a discussion as a part the KAP Transition platform. Together, they imagine, create, and support one another. The power of these hundred students is also significant ... It was at the initiative of Kot planète terre, for example, that in 2007 single-use plastic cups were replaced by reusable cups at most student events, a measure that has become compulsory almost everywhere.

Among their recent projects: climate marches in response to appeals launched by world youth, a repair café, zero-waste workshops, cooking workshops, and citizenship workshops, the launch of the Run’n’trash, the distribution of the Alter Pack, the creation of a second-hand store, etc. But also and above all the festival Cap Transition, four days of activities in the heart of the Grand Place in Louvain-la-Neuve focused on environmental issues and North-South relations.


Le Kaptain Planet in Woluwé

Kaptain Planet is a fun and original way to learn about the benefits of ecology. Whether through do-it-yourself workshops, baskets of organic, local, and seasonal vegetables or simply by his resplendent good humour, he sows green on campus!



Louvain Student General Assembly

The Louvain Student General Assembly (AGL) is meeting the challenge of ecological transition head-on. Since 2009 they have had an officer who lobbies official university bodies and promotes student mobilisation related to this issue. Invitations to gatherings on the Grand Place in Louvain-la-Neuve and active participation in the Sustainable Development Council, these are all events and commitments made by the membership of the AGL.

Deeply rooted in the student community, it supports emerging initiatives in favour of transition through logistical but also financial assistance. The AGL also makes its networks and skills available to the kots-à-projets (theme-based student accommodation) platform dedicated to sustainable development.

Climate back-to-school mini events at UCLouvain

In 2021, UCLouvain worked with the AGL and Kaps Transition to inform and train nearly one thousand students in climate issues through la fresque du climat’s participatory workshops. In keeping with health measures, the university trained 50 young animators who will, in turn, invite other students to participate in dozens of fresque du climat events throughout the year. More than 50 of these workshops took place during the Cap Transition 2021 festival alone.