A 100% responsible portfolio


UCLouvain is committed to transforming its entire existing portfolio into socially responsible equity funds (SRFs) with a quality certification by 2022. A compelling act that is part of the University’s transition policy.

Gradual transfer of investment funds

In 2014, the University decided gradually to invest in SRFs. A change came in 2018, at the initiative of the General Administrator and following discussions with the University community, including with the AGL: all new equity-fund investments are exclusively in SRFs. Of the “best-in-class” type, these funds invest only in companies with the highest environmental, social, and governance (ESG) classification.

An ethical and sustainable financial future

By 2022, all of UCLouvain’s equity funds will be transformed into ESG-certified funds while retaining financial risk/return performance criteria. For this transformation, UCLouvain relies on two standards:

  • Febelfin (also called Towards Sustainability), a Belgian certification established in February 2019. To be Febelfin certified, a fund must meet multiple criteria relating to health, the environment, social rights, and good corporate governance.
  • Financité, which investigates existing funds, blacklisting those that include companies disrespecting treaties signed by Belgium relating to human rights, weapons, energy, etc.