Platforms for multiple academic and/or scientific research activities, chairs are linked to the aspirations of the patrons who finance them and are often closely related to the objectives of sustainable development:


Baillet Latour Chair in New Agriculture

The Baillet Latour Chair in New Agriculture supports both the teaching of soil sciences and research on agriculture and the environment. “New Agriculture” is the name given to agricultural approaches which will make it possible to reconcile productivity with environmental issues. These types of agriculture are plural and based on three principles: efficiency (use non-renewable resources sparingly); substitution (substitute biological processes for chemical inputs); and reconfiguration (use natural ecosystems as models for new agricultural systems).

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Candriam chair  

The Candriam Chair in regenerative and circular economy focuses on a new economic model that respects people and their environments and creates value shared by the entire ecosystem. It aims to establish a group of excellence in this area, which will be active in training as well as in applied and fundamental research.

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Chair of Social and Solidarity Economy in the South  

This chair has three main objectives: to train researchers (doctoral and post-doctoral students) from both the North and the South in mutual health, food and economic security, and the articulation of informal practices and social and solidarity economy initiatives; to amplify these themes through teaching (master’s in economics, master’s in development, etc.); to develop profitable synergies between action and research thanks to the partnership between the CIRTES “social economy” research team and the NGO Louvain Coopération that underpins this chair.

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Entreprendre.wapi chair  

The Entreprendre.wapi Chair in consumer behaviour in the agro-food sector will focus on scientific research, continuing education for managers of companies in the sector, and awareness-raising among students.

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LaboRH chair 

The LaboRH Chair aims to co-construct the world of work of tomorrow by establishing a unique partnership between scientists and companies. It is a collaborative research and innovation laboratory in the field of human management and work transformations.

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"Les petits riens" chair  

The objective of this chair is to understand the complexities specific to the field of social economy and to develop solutions that promote the social and economic sustainability of social enterprises. The particularity of this research is that it occurs within the non-profit organisation Les Petits Riens and in conjunction with its partners.

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"Philippe de Woot" chair  

The Philippe de Woot Chair aims to inject corporate social responsibility and the question of its purpose into the academic curriculum of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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The Travail-Université chair  

The Travail-Université Chair seeks to contribute to research on social issues, work, and employment.

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