Disciplinary research groups


Some research groups have been formed around well-known issues central to a sustainable transition.

Georges Lemaître Centre for Earth and Climate Research (TECLIM)

This centre works to understand the functioning of the terrestrial system. They mainly focus on its climatic component as well as on the interactions between humans and the environment. They study the dynamics of the climate system, land use and globalisation, soil, sediment and nutrient flows, space, and planets.

Architecture and Climate (Archi-Cli)

This research team supports sustainable development by deepening and disseminating scientific knowledge specific to architecture. They examine the physical elements of constructing and inhabiting, focusing on the relationship between humans and their environment (ecological, societal, and economic) and considering all spatial and temporal scales.

Territorial Action Research and Study Centre (CREAT)

A regional research and studies planning and reference centre serving local authorities, CREAT, housed within the Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering, and Urban Planning (LOCI), engages in research along three axes: territorial development, sustainable land use, and sustainable town planning. The team brings together many disciplines including urban and territorial planning, geography, economics, sociology, architecture, agronomy, art history, etc.