Apply to LSM

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

What does it mean to be an exchange student at the Louvain School of Management (LSM) ?

The status of exchange student is strictly reserved for people studying at UCLouvain in the framework of bilateral agreements under an ECTS Learning agreement. The Louvain School of Management is a Faculty of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain). The registration of exchange students answering to those conditions is free. At the end of the period of study at UCLouvain, no official degree or certificate will be delivered to the students. However, an ECTS Transcript of Records will be issued for the exclusive purpose of credit transfer by the home university of credits obtained at UCLouvain.

What are the 4 steps to apply at the LSM as an exchange student?

  1. Be nominated at the Louvain School of Management (LSM) by the home coordinator of your university
  2. Register at the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain)
  3. Check for an accommodation & get to know the living costs 
  4. Prepare your Learning Agreement

Step 1 - Nomination

In order to apply to LSM, your university must have a mobility partnership with our university and the LSM. The existence of such an agreement is a mandatory requirement for the mobility and constitutes a guarantee for you to benefit from a high quality academic and administrative support services at UCLouvain. For more information about LSM academic calendar and course choice, click here.

Step 2 - Registration

After students have been correctly nominated on the Mobility Platform, they need to complete their online file and UCLouvain's registration (enrollment to the university).

Step 3 - Accommodation & Living Costs

Most of the housing managed by the University and private owners are shared apartments. Students have an individual room but share common areas such as kitchen, living room and the sanitary installations (shower and toilets). Usually, each bedroom is equipped with a sink, bed, mattress, chair, table, cupboard and shelf space. The tenants must buy their bedding and cutlery themselves. Most shared apartments have between four and ten tenants.

Studios generally have one living room, including a kitchen area and a shower. Apartments have up to four rooms.

If you wonder what the cost of living in Belgium is, please consult the UCLouvain page detailing a one-year living costs at UCLouvain.

Step 4 - Learning Agreement

After the nomination and registration period, you are encouraged to think about the courses that you will take at LSM. Students need to fill in a Learning Agreement, a study contract. Here are the 3 steps to fill in this learning agreement.

1) Choose your courses

You can find the LSM list of courses available to exchange students and more information here

In regards to French language courses, you can follow up to 2 French language courses free of charge by semester (1 general & 1 complementary courses – max. 8 credits) if these are listed on your Learning Agreement. If you want to follow more courses (more credits), there is a tuition fee for additional courses. Be aware that lectures are mandatory and are given at a rhythm of 2 times 2 hours per week all through the semester. All the necessary information about language courses will be given by the ILV (Language Institute) during its Information Session given at the beginning of the semester.

The normal and recommended workload at LSM is 30 ECTS per semester, which represents 6 courses of 5 ECTS each. At LSM, this represents 1 track (3 courses) during the first part of the semester and 1 option (3 courses) during the second part of the semester. More information about tracks and options here.

2) Fill in the learning agreement

Your Learning Agreement must be completed and signed by both you and your home coordinator. Even if your initial proposal (first learning agreement) may change, it is essential that you send us a study programme before your arrival. It is up to you to discuss your course choice with your home academic advisor as your programme needs to fit your home institution requirements.

Please note:

  • It is your responsibility to check that you comply with the courses' prerequisites (available in the course descriptions)
  • Attendance is compulsory. It is your responsibility to check that you do not have any overlaps.

3) Submit your learning agreement

2 possibilities:

  • You can upload the Learning Agreement approved by your home University directly on the platform Mobility Online (using the template of your home university if this one exists).
  • You can start the procedure via the Mobility Online platform to create your learning agreement and enter your courses (course by course) to issue your learning agreement with our template.

After your arrival in Belgium and during mobility, you will be able to adjust your programme during the first week of the semester using the Annex for changes to the original proposed study programme, the appendix to your Learning Agreement listing your initial courses choice. After the first week of class, no changes of your learning agreement will be accepted.