LSM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

For LSM students who desire an exchange during 2018-2019

 Information session

 September 18th 2017
 16h30 - DOYEN31

 Deadline to subscribe for regular exchange & IB + results 3 years BAC

 October  31th 2017

 Free languages testing for the exchange* (German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch)

 December 7th 2017

 Deadline for complete application (including English certificate) for an exchange (including exchange in the IB programme)

 January 30th 2018
 12.30 at the latest

 Allocation for exchange destination

 Beginning of February 2018

 Confirmation of destinations (minimum of 55 ECTS of LSM courses validated from the Annual Block 1 of your Master's degree)

 June 2018


* if you wish to go on exchange where this language is spoken.