Application & Selection

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Admission Requirements


September 22nd 2020 Info session about International programs 12h45-14h
December 03rd 2020 Language tests (specific conditions to certain destinations) Spanish, German & Italian. Registration here
Before December 14th  2020 Registration via this online form  to show your interest to participate to an exchange abroad
February 04th 2021 Communication of the ranking based on at least 25ECTS successfully credited of Master level courses.
February 8th  2021 at 6.00 pm at the latest Complete application file and English Certificate
Mid-February 2021  Communication of the allocations of destinations
May 1st 2021  Enrollment in the Mobi system
 End of June 2021  Completed Bachelor Degree or add-on module if applicable
 July/October 2021  Departure in exchange

First Step: Mandatory registration via an online form

To express your intention to participate in an academic exchange, it is MANDATORY to fill in the online form, by December 14th 2020, at the latest. This registration will enable us to establish the list of candidates for the exchanges and the ranking to assign the destinations.

The final list  of available destinations and the number of available spots for each of them for an exchange in 2020-2021 will be communicated at the end of November 2020. We advise you to already gather information for each destination you wish to put in your list.

You can already check the reports of previous exchange students.

Second Step : Application file to spend an exchange semester in 2021-2022 (incl. selected students for the IB programme)

Your file will include :

  • Your application form containing your personnal data (form available in December)
  • Your official English certificate (only a copy)
  • An Excel table containing the selected destinations and sorted by preference.

Your complete application file should arrive by February 8th 2021 in paper version at the International office of the LSM.

The final list of available destinations and the number of available spots for each of them for an exchange in 2021-2022 will be communicated at the end of November 2020. Nevertheless, we advise you to already get informed for each destination you want to put in your list.

Third step : Allocation of destinations

The allocation of destinations is based on the academic average obtained over the first semester of your Master's Annual Block 1.

You must pass at least 25 ECTS of Master level courses at the end of January 2020 to access the selection.  We allocate the destinations beginning with the first ranked student with his/her first, second, third... choice based on the number of spots available in each destination.

The way you rank the destination has to reflect your real expectations and it's your responsibility to get information about your preferred destinations. The allocation of destinations will be announced in mid-February.

Useful tips

Students who went abroad in the past have completed reports concerning their exchange and their host university. These forms provide plenty of useful information about courses, the organization of the stay, the living costs, etc.

You will regularly receive emails containing useful information: be careful not to miss a deadline or important instructions.