Application & Selection

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Admission Requirements

1) Entry requirements (conditions to be met at the time to application)

  • Be enrolled in a Master 120 at the LSM (Master in Management Science or Management Engineer) and, if concerned,

    have passed all the courses of the add-on module (prerequisite courses imposed to your program)

  • Bachelor's degree completed or with a  maximum one course not credited are allowed to candidate for an exchange.

  • Official certificate of English (for ALL destination), 1 of these 3 tests with the required score:

           6.5 IELTS

           89 TOEFL (iBT)

           CAE B/BEC Higher B. Cambridge

For dates and place of these tests, please visit the links.

  • Respect of administrative process and deadline 

 - Registration via the online form:  before December 15th, 2018

          - Complete application file with English certificate: February 4th, 2019 at 6.00 pm  at the latest.

2) Specific conditions for certain destinations:

  •     English: Some partner universities require a higher level of English, it is up to you to check the requested level.

  •     Other languages: for some destinations, the knowledge of an additional language is required:

Spain, South America (except Brazil): level B1 in Spanish

          German: level B1 in German

To pretend to these destinations, you have to passed the test(s) on Tuesday December 11th 12.45 pm @DOY31 and register to it via the form:

Notes: Some partner universities require a higher level of Spanish, it is up to you to check the requested level.

Other conditions: Some partner universities have specific access conditions (professional experience, academic average, ...). It is your responsibility to inquire about these conditions.

3) Final conditions (in June 2019)

  •     Successful completion of all courses of the Annual Student Program( EAP ) and minimum 55 ECTS of Master level courses. Maximum one uncredited course will be tolerated.

  •     Bachelor's degree completed (all credit acquired)

  •    To meet these final condition in June 2019, students with 2 or more failures after the January session (and not covered by a medical certificate submitted prior to the examinations concerned) lose their access to the exchange program.

          Regarding the English Certificate

You may trainee yourself via  the MOOCS on Moodle

(Suscribtion key: "IELTSCoaching2018" ) . Press enter to save changes

Regarding the other languages

The level B1 is required for some destination in Spanish & German

What is level B1 ?

In order to prove this level B1 required, the LSM organizes free written tests (30 minutes) in December 6th, 2018 for each of these languages.


 September 17th 2018 Info session about International programs 16h-17h DOY32
Before December 15th  2018 Registration via online form  to show your interest to be in the ranking for destination assigment.
Décember 11th 2018  Languages tests (specifics conditions to certain destinations) Spanish & German. Registration via :
January 25th, 2019 Communication of the rankinf based on at least 25ECTS successfully credited of Master level courses.
February 4th  2019 at 6.00 pm at the latest Complete application file and English Certificate
Mid of February 2019  Communication of the allocations of destination
 End June 2019  Validation of minimum 55 ECTS of Master level courses and a completed Bachelor Degree
 July/October 2019  Departure in exchange

First step : Registration REQUIRED via the online form

To express your intention to participate at an academic exchange, it is MANDATORY to fill in the online form (available after September 17th, 2018), by December 15th 2018, at the latest. This registration will enable us to establish the list of potential candidates for the exchanges and the ranking to assign them destinations.

Application file to spend an exchange semester in 2019-2020 (incl. selected students for IB programm)

Your file will include :
  • Your application form containing your personnal data (form available in December)
  • Your official English certificate (only a copy)
  • An Excell table containing selected destinations and sorted by your order of preferences.
Your complete application file should arrive by February 4th 2019 at the latest in paper version at the International office of the LSM.

The final list  of available destinations and the number of available places for each of them for an exchange in 2019-2020 will be communicated in end of November 2018. Nevertheless, we advice you to already inform you on each of the destinations you want to put in your list.

Allocation of destination

The allocation of destination is based on the academic average obtained over the first semester of your Master's Bloc annual 1.You must have succeeded at least 25 ECTS of Master level at the end of January 2019 to access the selection.  We allocate to everyone (beginning by the first ranked) his/her first, second, third... choice based on the number of places available in each destination.

The way you rank the destination has to reflect your real expectations and it's your responsability to get informations about your wished destinations. The result of allocation of the destinations will be announced mid of February.

Important : The allocation stay provisionnal until the results of June. Every outgoing exchange student must have suceeded, at the June 2019's session, minimum 55 ECTS credits of Master courses from the LSM and a completed Bachelor degree. 

Usefull tips

Students who have left before you have completed stays reports concerning their exchange period and their host university. These forms provide a wealth of useful information about courses, the organization of the stay, the cost of living, etc.

You will receive regularly emails containing some useful and important information, be careful not to miss a deadline or important instructions.