CP3 delegation at ICHEP 2022

The International Conference on High Energy Physics (https://www.ichep2022.it) was for the very first time organized in Italy, more precisely in Bologna. This conference reviews in detail the recent progress in particle physics from experimental, phenomenological, and theoretical point of view. Astroparticle physics and dark matter are also part of the topics covered by this major conference in the research fields closely related to CP3 activities.

Many CP3 members took this opportunity to present their work in numerous talks and posters. The group also enjoyed the unique and inspiring environment of the conference, Bologna being the oldest university in Europe, as well as the Italian cuisine.

With 8 talks and 1 poster, CP3 clearly made a strong impression at ICHEP!

The CP3 contributions are accessible on the ICHEP website:

  • "Double Higgs production at CMS", by Florian Bury (link)
  • "Signatures of leptophilic t-channel dark matter from active galactic nuclei" by Marina Cermeño (link)
  • "Study of HH production at the High-Luminosity LHC with CMS" by Izzeddin Suat Donertas (link)
  • "Heavy neutrino production at the FCC-ee: Dirac or Majorana?" by Marco Drewes (link)
  • "Complete study of four top quark production at the LHC in the SMEFT" by Hesham El Faham (link)
  • "Rare BSM decays of the Higgs boson at CMS", by Khawla Jaffel (link )
  • "A last chance for kinetic mixing: explaining (g-2)μ with semi-visible dark photons", by Daniele Massaro (link)
  • "Eight Measurements of Multiboson Production at CMS: number five is polarizing!", by Pietro Vischia (link)
  • "Multi-Messenger Physics", by Gwenhael W De Wasseige (link)


Group pictures of some of the CP3 members attending ICHEP. Several CP3 alumni participating to the conference joined the group!

Suat Donertas presenting his work on behalf of the CMS Collaboration.

Marina Cermeño Gavilán presenting her work in the Dark Matter session.

Khawla Jaffel explaining the coverage and potential of exotic Higgs decays searches at the LHC.

Pietro Vischia starting his talk on a fun note.

Florian Bury giving an summary of all HH searches at CMS.

Gwenhaël de Wasseige giving a plenary talk about Multimessenger Physics.

Published on July 20, 2022