8 décembre : Research Seminar « Judicial Transformations: The Fundamental Rights Revolution in France and Europe »


08 décembre 2017



Louvain House - Espace du Lac

Public : collègues et chercheurs.

Dans le cadre du Louvain Global College of Law, le CeDIE et le CRECO accueilleront le Professeur Mitchel Lasser (Cornell) du 4 au 8 décembre 2017.

Fundamental rights are exploding into all corners of the French and European judiciaries. This rights revolution is transforming the judicial landscape at breakneck speed. Not only have fundamental rights become an integral part of litigation in the domestic and European courts, but their advent has provoked an ongoing revolution in French and European procedural, doctrinal, institutional and conceptual structures.

Although part of the story is undoubtedly social and intellectual, the fundamental rights revolution is also a matter of the complex—and often competitive—inter-institutional dynamics that increasingly define the judicial arena in our ever more globalized legal space.