6 décembre : Petit déjeuner de la finalité droit européen


06 décembre 2017


Salle Dabin - Faculté de droit

Public : étudiants de finalité droit européen.

Dans le cadre du Louvain Global College of Law, le CeDIE et le CRECO ont accueilli les professeurs Mitchel Lasser et Elizabeth Anker (Cornell) du 4 au 8 décembre 2017.

With food for thoughts :

Mitchel Lasser : « The Judicial Dynamics of the French and European Fundamental Rights Revolution »

An important and complex development is currently playing out at the intersection of the French and European judicial systems: a whole series of courts (and court-like institutions) that had little or nothing to do with “judicial review” are now in the midst of a mad scramble to master and direct the development of fundamental rights jurisprudence. This chapter traces this development and explains how the advent of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights has led to an intense interinstitutional competition between the French and European High Courts, a competition in which fundamental rights have served both as the opportunity that triggered this competition and the preferred means to engage in it.

Elizabeth Anker : « Constitutional Metaphors »

This talk examines a preoccupation with the human rights of immigrants extending across a series of 21st Century films by some of the most acclaimed European and other directors of global cinema (Michael Haneke, Stephen Frears, and the Dardenne brothers, among others). It contextualizes this focus in relation to the breakdown of the movement for a formal European Constitution and the biological (or “biopolitical”) associations of the term constitution. All constitutions acquire authority through the symbolism or metaphors accompanying them, and this talk raises questions about the resurgence of the organicist “body politic” metaphor in recent discussions of nationalism and citizenship in contemporary Europe.