Robert Heyse, Customer Success Manager at Celonis, Belgium

“CEMS at Louvain School of Management is probably the most international Master’s in Management program out there – if you want, you can live in four different countries during the two-year-program, with many more opportunities to go abroad for seminars and forums. This program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that boosts your personal and professional development immensely. During its course, you will study at some of the best business schools in the world, meet alumni and corporate partners working for prestigious companies and connect with smart and ambitious people from all over the world.”

Anna Schneider, Associate at Boston Consulting Group, Germany

"For me, CEMS is the best starting point for a successful & international career in business: it allows me to acquire both, excellent soft and hard skills to become a better version of myself. The extensive, professional network and the inspiring people from all over the world that I met throughout CEMS, help me to fulfil my dreams and be perfectly prepared to become a future entrepreneur."

Bob Weijers, Dutch student at the LSM

“I chose the CEMS Master because of its international focus. The program gives us the opportunity to make contacts with international consulting companies and to build a large network. Furthermore, the LSM is a unique university in the center of Europe.” 

Lara Leclercq, Management Consultant at A.T. Kearney, Belgium

“I think the CEMS program gives you a great exposure compare to other programs and universities. Indeed, you have many contacts with international companies. It is a stamp for your career, with a proof of high standards and quality. I really believe that it opens doors and gives you some unexpected opportunities.”

Emna Chaouch, International Brand Manager at Henkel, Germany

"What I like most about CEMS is the opportunity to study in great Schools all over the world, the excellent reputation and ranking. Also, CEMS gives the opportunity to build a large professional network and the acquisition of competencies in project management, people management and teamwork through the CEMS Club."

Marius Declerck, COO at eHealth Valley, Belgium

"CEMS is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to grow in 2 years more than you have in the rest of your life in different and very important dimensions for someone who wants to work anywhere related to business or management!"