CEMS Curriculum at LSM


The CEMS program at LSM is only open to students who will enroll in the 2-year Master in CEMS-Business Engineering (INGE2MS/G) or CEMS-Management (GEST2MS/GE), please click on ,  after being selected for CEMS MIM. The CEMS MiM is fully integrated in both of our Masters. Please note: the CEMS MIM starts in September of the first year of the Master.

At LSM we facilitate CEMS local-international student network and integration through the following common CEMS curriculum elements which include: an international internship during the 1st year, 1 academic term abroad in a different CEMS Schools during the 2nd year (a few students will have the opportunity to do 2 academic terms abroad), core courses, block seminar, skill seminars and a business project.


Please note: the internship is a compulsory part of your LSM Master's degree (min 12 consecutive weeks in a full-time position and counts for 10 ECTS). CEMS Students have to achieve their internship during the 2nd part of Term 2 of their Annual Block 1 (after Q2 Part 1 evaluation week).

Language requirements

All CEMS MIM graduates are required have competency in three languages at the time of graduation. English - one of the three languages - must be fulfilled upon admission.

Language 1: English (C1 oral and written, upon admission)

Can be validated through any of the following:

Language 2 (min B1 oral and written, exit requirement)

Mother tongue or B1 oral/B1 written level language courses or tests 

Language 3 (elementary level or up, exit requirement)

Mother tongue or elementary level language courses or tests

- certain combinations of similar languages will not be allowed to fulfil the requirements. These are Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Montenegrin/Slovenian, Czech/Slovak, Danish/Swedish/Norwegian, Danish/Faroese, Dutch/Flemish/Frisian/Afrikaans, German/Luxembourgischer, Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian, Russian/Kazak, Spanish/Catalan, Spanish/Galician

- CEMS accredited language courses, certificates and tests have a finite validity depending on the level achieved. The reference date to take into account is the first day of your CEMS MIM year (2nd year of Master at LSM):

  • C2/C1: eternal validity
  • B2: 5 years
  • B1/A2/A1: 2 years

LSM created an online diagnostic tool that helps you know if you already meet the CEMS language requirements and gives you the adequate options in case you do not.