Cost Consideration

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Tuition Fees & Mobility Grants

LSM does not charge any additional tuition fees for the CEMS MIM.

For the UCL Tuition Fees covering 4 CEMS terms/semesters (including the term spent in the partner university), click here.

To know how to reduce the cost of studying at UCL, please click here.

Grants are intended to co-fund the additional costs of the academic term abroad, they will not cover all the costs relating to your exchange program. Monthly rates range from 200€ to 550€.

Student Registration and Handling Fee

The CEMS Organisation charges each selected student with a non-refundable fee of 100€. The fee is used to fund central services provided by the CEMS Association. CEMS Students will receive further instructions about the modality of payment from the CEMS Global Office.


LSM charges Cems local and incoming students for the Block Seminar (300€) and the RGL Seminar (100€), both CEMS mandatory activities.

LSM CEMS Club Belgium Fee

The CEMS Club charges a small participation fee for each term spent at LSM. This fee helps the CEMS Club organize group activities throughout the semester such as dinners, conferences, day trips, etc.

- Term 1 fee: 20€

- Term 2 fee: 10€ for Master 1 / 20€ for Master 2

The CEMS Club will communicate practical details at the beginning of the year. Don't hesitate to visit their website or Facebook Page in the meantime

Living costs

Here you can find all information about our living costs.