CEMS students are involved in a very active student life at each school, organised by the CEMS Clubs on each campus.


They make sure that the programme is also a human and cultural learning experience for the students.

CEMS Club Missions :

  • Represent and support CEMS students from or coming to the Louvain School of Management
  • Raise awareness of the CEMS community
  • Be a communication link between the corporate partners and the CEMS students
  • Be the student voice within CEMS community and serve as a balance to other stakeholders
  • Become an additional form of managerial development for the students by engaging in real-world initiatives and projects
  • Support the networking and act as a link among the various parts of the community including corporate partners and alumni
  • Help student decide on their future careers
  • Raise awareness about sensitive issues and support the charity program
  • Be a quality controller for the local CEMS MIM programme

Contact : cemsclubbelgium.odoo.com