Executive Programme



University Certificate in Innovation Management  

21th edition – 2nd February to 3rd June 2023    


"In our organisation, we have a lot of ideas, but find it difficult to put them into practice"
"I know that we should innovate more and better, but how?"
"Our innovation projects have an excessively long time to market"
"My team is innovative, but the rest of the organisation does not follow!"

Many organisations are confronted with this type of questions, but they are little or ill equipped to answer them. To take up this challenge, the Louvain School of Management has since 2001 organised an executive programme on innovation management, to enable participants and their company to become innovation champions. 


The programme enables the participants to:

  • Master the key challenges of innovation and its strategic positioning in the company
  • Understand how to make teams and organisations more innovative
  • Turn a profusion of ideas into concrete products and markets
  • Acquire the means to generate, facilitate and structure innovation
  • Understand how to effectively bring to market innovation projects
  • Carry out a specific innovation project for their company


Over twelve days (six 2-day modules), this programme provides a rigorous multi-disciplinary approach developed by an international panel of academic and field experts. Firmly rooted in practice, it includes studies of innovative companies and business testimonials and allows for numerous exchanges between lecturers and participants. It is concluded by a business project to enable the participants to apply in their respective company the methods and tools acquired. An annual networking and follow-up session ensures the implementation of the objectives set at the end of the programme.


Today, efficient companies are distinguished by their capacity to continuously detect, assess and capitalise on new opportunities and to turn this capacity into a sustainable competitive advantage. In this context, providing innovation management training enables company executives to acquire the key competencies of innovation management.

The programme is therefore based on the 5 key competencies of an innovative company:

Module 1 Understand innovation and align it with the company's strategy


  • Understand the role and importance of innovation in the company’s strategy 
  • Understand the key success factors of innovation and the implications for its management in the company 
  • Identify which types of innovation meet optimally the goals set by the company

Guest speaker : Pierre Tossut (Puratos)

Reading : Navigating Innovation, chapters 1 & 2

Dates : Thursday 20 January and Friday 21 January 2022

Module 2 Create, develop and manage an innovative organisation and teams
  • Identify the characteristics of a learning organisation geared to innovation
  • Manage the organisational factors that inhibit or encourage the creation of knowledge and innovation
  • Understand and implement the Fair Process Leadership

Lecturers : Professors Françoise de Viron - LSM, Annick Castiaux - Unamur & Ludo Van der Heyden-INSEAD

Guest speaker : Damien Prieels (IBA) & Anne-Sophie Marsin (Santily)

Readings :

  • Business case Insead : Building Emotional capital for strategic renewal Nissan (1999-2002)
  • Business case Insead : Napoléon Bonaparte : Victim of an inferior strategy
  • Case study Zongshen
  • Navigating Innovation, chapter 3

Dates : Thursday 17 February & Friday 18 February 2022

Module 3 Identify innovation opportunities

  • Identify & differenciate the innovative organisations
  • Develop an organisation that promotes the innovation and proactivity
  • Thinking in new boxes: acquire, create and manage ideas in an innovative organisation 


Lecturers : Marine Agogué - HEC Montréal Professor Luc de Brabandère-BCG- Professors Julie Hermans & Benoit Gailly - LSM

Guest speaker : Tom Deblock (Google)


  •  Luc de Brabandère "Petite Philosophie de la transformation digitale ou (re) découvrir l'art du zigzag"

  • Benoît Gailly "Navigating Innovation", Chapter 4

Dates: Thursday 10 & Friday 11 March 2022

Module 4 Develop and enhance a portfolio of innovative projects
  • Master the tools for the evaluation and enhancement of innovative business models
  • Develop and manage a balanced portfolio of innovative projects
  • Identify and master the challenges of intellectual property


Lecturers :  Professor Mireille Buydens - ULB  Partner-Janson Baugniet &  Professor Benoît Gailly-LSM 

Guest speakers : Nicolas Cudre-Mauroux (Solvay), Frederic Gevers (Prayon) & Vincent Lieffrig (AGC)

Reading: Navigating Innovation, chapter 5

Dates: Tursday 31 March & Friday 1st April 2022

Module 5 Launch successfully and accelerate an innovation project

  • Master the key factors for the adoption and dissemination of an innovation 
  • Identify and activate the innovation networks
  • Manage efficiently the process for launching an innovation on your market


Lecturers : Professors Chantal de Moerloose - Françoise de Viron - Julie Hermans- LSM

Caroline Verzat ESCP Europe , Benoît Raucent - EPL, Olivier Wathelet - Users Matter

Guest speaker : Frédéric Van Malleghem (Cambio) - Michel Magonette (Damovo)

Reading :

  • Alter, L'innovation ordinaire (optional)
  • Ch. Midler, la révolution de la Twingo (optional)
  • Case study=>"A Tourism Innovation Case: an Actor-Network Approach", E. Paget et al.
  • Navigating Innovation, chapter 6

Dates : Thursday 28 April & Friday 29 April 2022

Module 6 Become an innovation champion


  • Integrate the concepts and tools of innovation management in your business 
  • Reflect on the responsible organisation
  • Present the business project

Lecturers :  Professors Benoît Gailly & Françoise de Viron - LSM 

Guest speakers : Hans Urbain de Canck (VUB)

Dates : Thursday 02 June & Friday 03 June 2022

Integration workshop: ...and stay the course! Have I become an innovation champion?

  • Have I become an Innovation Champion?
  • A networking and follow-up session is planned to ensure the implementation of the learnings of the programme.
  • Workshop :  From convinced to convincing

Date : Thursday 13th October 2022

Lecturers : Professors Benoît Gailly & Françoise de Viron - LSM & François Pichault (Lentic - Université de Liège)


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