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Making Belgium a better place for R&D since 1965

The GRD Network was created in 1965 as the “Groupe Recherche-Développement de Louvain” in order to promote networking and collaboration in the field of public and private R&D. It is a not-for-profit initiative.

The GRD Network is a member-only community, gathering the managers of leading public and private organizations engaged in R&D activities in Belgium and Luxembourg. Its members meet once a month (except in the summer) to foster cross-industry innovations, share experience and best practices, and discuss R&D-related issues (such as digitalization, sustainability, talent management, R&D effectiveness...) during half-day workshops. The workshops are hosted by the members (in turn) and include a networking lunch and a site visit. Membership is upon invitation only.

The objective of the GRD Network is to facilitate the networking and cooperation of large and medium size firms, universities and research centers and therefore improve the effectiveness of public and private R&D initiatives in Belgium and Luxemburg.

Until 2014 the GRD was managed by Prof. Raymond Collard, who turned it into a major hub gathering both leading medium-size and large firms active in R&D and leading universities and research centers. Since September 2014 it is managed by the Louvain Innovation team under the supervision of Prof. B. Gailly from UCLouvain, with the support of the GRD Board.

Since Jan 1, 2015 the GRD has also received the support of the Belgium Industrial R&D (BiRD) association, whose members are now part of the GRD Network.

The GRD Network offers a unique opportunity for its members to:

  • Meet key public and private actors from across Belgium and Luxembourg (not only from their own region)
  • Identify innovation opportunities across multiple industrial sectors (not only their own cluster/sector) and with the key R&D actors (firms, research centers, universities) – foster cross-industry innovations, particularly with regard to challenges related to sustainability and digital transformation.
  • Share and discover innovation-, technology- and R&D-related content, trends, experiences and practices in a trusted and convenient learning environment
  • Build new relationships with high-level managers from leading firms, universities and research centers

Please find here our paper about the GRD Network, published in the prestigious Journal of Management.

Dates and venues: The workshops are held in English on a monthly basis at member’s premises (see programme below)


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GRD 50 ans

50th anniversary of the GRD network at WTCB-CSTC

Contact us

Lionel Delatte PhD Researcher

Prof. Benoit Gailly, Secretary General
Sven Vandeputte, GRD President

Member companies

3M Essenscia   P&G VBO-FEB
AB Inbev Etex   Prayon Vesuvius
AGC GreenWin   Puratos WTCB-CSTC
AGFA Groupe Herstal   Recticel  
Agoria GSK   Safran Aero Boosters  
Air Liquide IBA   SCK-CEN  
Alstom Janssen Pharmaceutica   Schréder  
Aisin Europe Jema   Sirris  
Baxter John Cockerill   Solvay  
Bea KHID-RHID   Total  
Cargill KU Leuven   Tractebel  
Carmeuse Lhoist   UCB Pharma  
Cenaero LIST   UCLouvain  
CETIC Magotteaux   UGent  
Coca-Cola Marichal Ketin   ULG  
CRM Mastercard   Umicore  
Derbigum - Imperbel Nokia   UNamur  
Engie-Laborelec Ocas   Universiteit Antwerpen  


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