Key Strengths




Key strengths for the participants


  • An inter-disciplinary programme that relies on an international panel of experts and the university’s centres of excellence.
  • A global vision of all the skills needed to see an innovation project through, particularly the managerial, economic and networking dimensions.
  • A university-level programme that compares the methods and tools available against the actual situation in the business world through international case studies and contributions by participants.
  • Sharing of experience and confrontation for your innovation projects with a panel of high-level professionals.
  • An immediate evaluation of your training programme: select one of your current or future projects and settle a specific innovation question. A university certificate for 10 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits will be issued if you present the business project successfully. 
  • An exchange and follow-up session a few months after the programme to ensure the implementation of the objectives set at the end of the programme. 
  • A state of mind, a far broader innovative thinking culture than the scope of this training programme, which will continue throughout your career.


Key strengths for the company


  • A professional and concrete approach to innovation management which deals not only with the main challenges and specific tasks of innovation, but also with their concrete integration in your company, its context and objectives.
  • Concrete, directly operationalisable tools to train innovation champions.
  • A tangible impact for your company, particularly through a comparison of the innovative projects of your team with a panel of high-level professionals through the business project.
  • Progressive and continuous learning that mobilises the participants actively and is extended through the alumni network.





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