2022 International and European Tax Moot Court: Outstanding result of the UCLouvain team

Outstanding result of the UCLouvain team at the "2022 International and European Tax Moot Court"!

On April 1 finished this prestigious event involving tax law students from all over the world, organized by our sister university KU Leuven and the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD).

The UCLouvain team ranked #1 for the written phase and finished 7th overall, an outstanding result considering the quality of the other participating universities from Europe, America and Asia. The winner of this edition was WU Vienna.

Thanks to the team formed by Alexandre Raulier and Philibert Vandercam (team applicant) and by Thomas Martens and Louis Chabot (team defendant).

Special thanks also to coach Fabrizio Pascucci, PhD researcher in international and EU tax law under the supervision of Prof. Edoardo Traversa (UCLouvain), who assisted the team during the whole competition.

Publié le 05 avril 2022