Conference | VAT policy in the European Union : recent developments | Brussels (6 /9/18)

CRIDES Louvain-La-Neuve

Conference | VAT policy in the European Union : recent developments 

Next year will be an intense one for EU Commission and the Council in terms of VAT. The EU Commission has proposed a very ambitious plan for introducing the definitive regime for the intra-EU sale of goods and it has also proposed some “quick fixes” for the current regime (COM/2017/569). Moreover, several other proposals are on the table concerning simplified VAT rules for small and medium enterprises (COM/2018/021), reduced rates (COM/2018/020) or anti-fraud and anti-evasion mechanisms (COM/2017/706). On top of all this, Brexit will also have significant VAT implications for UK-EU trade.
The conference will gather senior experts from all VAT stakeholders to analyse the impact of these developments for VAT tax payers and administrations, and to discuss pros and cons, as well as the political feasibility of the Commission proposals.



Publié le 06 septembre 2018