RECORDING & REPORT of the Symposium "The future of the EU Social Policy after the European elections" (6/6/19)

►  The sound recording of the symposium "The future of the EU Social Policy after the European elections" is available below.
► The REPORT is available for download via this link.

Organised by the CRIDES (Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire Droit Entreprise et Société) and the Institute for European Studies, UCLouvain, in collaboration with the Institute for European Studies, Université Saint-Louis-Bruxelles on 6/6/19.

Scientific committee: Professors Filip Dorssemont and Edoardo Traversa (UCLouvain)

12.15-12.25 | Introduction (Click here to listen )
Edoardo Traversa, Institute for European Studies (UCLouvain)

12.25-12.40 | In search of Social Europe (Click here to listen
Philippe Pochet (UCLouvain, ETUI)
Author of the book A la recherche de l'Europe sociale​​​​​​, Puf: 2019

12.40-12.55 | The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, what has it delivered in advancing Social Europe ? (Click here to listen)
Filip Dorssemont (UCLouvain, VUB)
Co-editor of the book The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the Employment Relation, Hart: 2019

12.55-13.05 | EU labour law perspectives on the Gig Economy (Click here to listen)
Alberto Pizzoferrato (University of Bologna)
Co-editor of the book Diritto del Lavoro dell'Unione Europea, Giappichelli: 2018 

13.05-13.20 | Social Europe in times of Brexit (Click here to listen)
Simon Deakin (University of  Cambridge)

13.20-13.50 | Panel with Social Partners (Click here to listen)
Rebekah Smith, Deputy Director of the Social Affairs Department, BusinessEurope and Isabelle Schömann, Candidate for the Confederal secretariat of ETUC

13.50-14.00 | Concluding remarks (Click here to listen)
Enrico Traversa, University of Bologna, Former Director Legal Service European Commission

Click here to listen to the entire symposium 

Place | EESC  - Trèves Building, 7th floor, 74 rue de Trèves, 1040 Brussels

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Publié le 22 août 2019