Tuition fees - Non-EU students


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Increased fees

Possible application fees

Payment details


From the academic year 2023-2024, a new Circular n° 2022-002 of 20 December 2022 applies. This new circular sets "increased" tuition fees applicable to each enrolment in a 1st or 2nd cycle programme. However, the Circular n°001/2021 of 14 December 2021 remains applicable on a transitional basis for the students defined below.


  1. Students who are nationals of a country listed in Annex 1 and who were already enrolled in a study programme in the French Community of Belgium between 2014 and 2022 inclusive remain subject to the old circular, as long as they are in this study programme (without interruption) and as long as they meet the conditions set out in the circular concerned (Circular n° 001/2021 of 14 December 2021 - former system of increased fees);

  2. Students who are nationals of a country listed in Annex 1 and who apply for the first time for an enrolment a 1st or 2nd cycle study programme in the French Community of Belgium - or who has interrupted his/her study programme oner year or more - are subject to the new circular on higher fees (Circular n° 2022-002 of 20 December 2022 - new system of increased fees).

Please find below the two applicable regimes:



Students from outside the European Union and not assimilated to a Belgian student (except for specialised masters, doctorates, international codiplomas or "erasmus mundus" exchanges) will be asked to pay applications fee of €200 after confirming their application online. If their application is accepted, these fees will be deducted from the tuition fees for the offer they are applying for. In all other cases, these fees will not be refunded.



Cash payment is not accepted. However, it is now possible to pay tuition fees via an online payment platform. This platform is accessible via the student's dashboard. It offers two methods of payment:

  •     Payment by Bancontact
  •     Payment by bank transfer. The transfer can be made by a relative. In this case, the bank details can be sent by e-mail.

Please note: payments are managed by our partner MOLLIE (Stichting Mollie Payments). It is therefore normal that this company is listed as the beneficiary of your payment.

The enrolment fees due must be paid before October 31st.

The Enrolment Office can provide you with any information relating to these procedures.